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Māui & the Sin is a two-disc record, the third in a series of seven albums. Disc one of Māui & the Sin represents the past and is set in 1771, taking inspiration from Diaz’s childhood influences, nature, and Te Ao Māori. Disc two comes from the future in 2071, features upcoming NZ artists, and is a bold statement of what Diaz believes to be the future of Aotearoa music.


Diaz Grimm (Ngāwhā, Ngāpuhi) is a pioneer at the crossroads of music and technology. In his latest project he steps out as the world’s first avatar rapper, creating from the perspective of a musician standing with one foot deeply entrenched in the rich, ancient world of Māoritanga, and the other in a futuristic metaverse. 

Each digital download comes with 1 ownership share. (See slides for info)

Diaz Grimm - Māui & the Sin (Digital Album + 1 free ownership share)

SKU: 500
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